Emergency appointment in the clinic: Is Jessi's baby coming sooner?

Will Jessica Paszka (30) and Johannes Haller (33) be parents earlier than expected? The former Bachelorette and the Bachelor in Paradise star are currently expecting their first child. They just announced with a cute net clip that it is going to be a girl. As Jessi said, she is already in the 33rd week of pregnancy. According to the calculated date, your daughter should be born in May. But will the two really stay together for so long? Jessica and Johannes in any case seem to be preparing for an earlier birth.

On YouTube the parents-to-be now shared a video showing how the clip in which they revealed the baby’s gender was created. Johannes revealed that they had to watch out for one thing while filming at sea: “Jessi is very pregnant. That means that everything here has to take place near the nearest port. […] If Jessi suddenly went into labor, that we’d be there within a few minutes. “ In fact, the couple were so concerned that the baby might come while the video was being shot that they checked in at the nearest hospital beforehand.

But why do the two expect that it could start at any moment when the calculated due date is two months from now? Is the new addition to the Paszka-Haller family coming sooner than previously assumed? Maybe are Johannes and Jessi but also just very careful and want to be prepared for the worst case scenario.


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