Boy loses his eye after being shot twice by a nerf gun in the same eye

A 9-year-old schoolboy from South Wales has lost his eye after being accidentally shot twice in the same eye by a Nerf gun.

Two bizarre accidents

When Taylor-Joy Ravicini was only three years old, he was hit by a toy arrow that caused him to lose sight in his left eye.

Six years later, at age 9, the boy was struck for the second time, in the same eye, by a Nerf pistol.

The subsequent blow of the Nerf projectile completely damaged the eye tissue beyond repair. Doctors were therefore forced to remove it to avoid spreading infections to the other eye.

The boy’s mother, Stacey, explained the ordeal:

“I really don’t want people to think I’m a bad mother.”

“I was there with my three children, and it all happened in a flash.”

“I was downstairs, and I heard a devastating cry and my heart sank, I couldn’t even go to see it, I sent my husband because I knew something had happened. ”

Increased Pressure In Boy’s Left Eye

After the second accident, her blind eye started to pressure up and began to fill with blood.

When they went to the hospital, the doctors could not fix the problem permanently as the pressure kept returning.

His mother said:

“Taylor’s eye was full of blood, and it was causing pressure to build up. ”

Boy’s Eye Had To Be Removed

Doctors informed the mother that the injured eye needed to be removed.

Stacey, 35, Was Constantly Worried
The mother has revealed her concerns for her son, who was being bullied at school because of his condition.

She said:

“Wherever we go, people are looking at him and whispering about his eye. At school he is constantly bullied and people call him “Popeye”, it really hurts, why should he be treated any differently? ”

“I’m constantly worried about him and what’s going to happen next is just an emotional roller coaster.

Family Raised Money For Surgery
The family set up a GoFundMe page to raise $ 2,500 to help Taylor-Jay get a prosthesis.

And in less than 20 days, the family had raised over £ 2,500

To avoid such accidents, let’s make sure our kids wear eye protection when handing over a Nerf gun. Although the granules are designed not to injure the body, your eyes can be vulnerable if they are affected.

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