Evelyn Burdecki (32) tackles properly and seems to be a real jack of all trades. After her failure at The Bachelor’s degree in 2017, the 32-year-old saw a steep upward trend in the TV business. Since then, she has been dancing happily from reality TV show to reality TV show and already cut a great figure as a quiz show candidate or Das Supertalent juror. In the RTL show “Am I smarter than Evelyn Burdecki?” the blonde recently demonstrated her knowledge and cleared up various prejudices. When it comes to finances, too, Beauty seems to be making pretty smart decisions: Evelyn has now bought a house!

The lively chatterbox made the investment last year not for itself, but for its parents. image to Evelyn said: “It was a big dream of mine to give something back to my parents and give them a nice roof over their heads.” Now there is still some renovation work to be done until the nest is perfect. And the TV star helps actively and even picks up tools himself!

So that her parents can enjoy their retirement rent-free, Evelyn diligently saved up fee for fee. They are now very happy about the increasing progress on the construction site: “Now everything is taking shape and I’m really looking forward to my parents moving into their newly renovated home”, raved about reality TV notoriety and will probably make their parents overjoyed with this gift.

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