After tumor removal: Jürgen Milski's face swollen!

Jürgen Milski (57) is going through a difficult time at the moment! In mid-February, the presenter shocked his fans with the news that he was diagnosed with a tumor in the lower jaw. This had to be surgically removed. Shortly afterwards, he announced that he would soon have to undergo another surgical procedure: a total of six implants were to be placed in the lower jaw of the Ballermann star. Jürgen has now successfully survived the operation and is back with a health update!

On his Instagram-Account, the 57-year-old now gave private insights: He shared a snapshot of himself, on which his face is badly swollen. The photo was taken exactly one day after the procedure. “A friend just said that I have never looked better”the pop singer quipped under the post. Despite the situation, the former Let’s Dance participant is brave: “I hope the world will look different again tomorrow.”

In addition to numerous wishes for wellbeing from his fans, his post also includes some comments from colleagues. “Oh no! Get well soon,” writes model Mirja du Mont (45), for example. The former Bachelor Oliver Sanne (34) also speaks up: “Cool filter! Running, you model, get well soon.”

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