Fun Facts about the Irresistible Chocolate

A normal American eats about 10 to 12 pounds of chocolates annually, which implies that a vast array of men and women in America have strong cravings for this so-called irresistible sweet treat. In the culture of Americans, chocolates are often put in comparison and are defined as romance, love, and celebration.

Chocolate is made out of cocoa beans. On the other hand, it does not contain high amount of caffeine. Cocoa beans are taken from pods by means of the process of fermentation. The beans are consequently dried after one week. They are initially graded and then followed by the process of roasting. Roasting process is dependent on the size and type of the beans. Cocoa nibs undergo the alkalization process, which actually helps them obtain color and flavor. The nibs are later on milled, made into liquid form, and converted into the liquor form of the cocoa. After that the cocoa mass is eventually permitted to cool down in order for it to solidify. The final product is used to prepare specialized and gourmet chocolates.

In order for you to have more ideas about chocolates, here are a number of types of chocolates that would help you understand the taste and figure of this sweet treat:

Dark chocolates are also known as the bittersweet chocolate. It is made by means of putting in sugar and cocoa butter to the chocolate liquor. Various government agencies such Food and Drug Authority recommend only 35 per cent of liquor in the entire content of the chocolate.

Sweet chocolate contains at least 15 percent liquor sourced out for cocoa itself. As the name states, this kind of chocolate definitely contain a larger quantity of sweetener compared to the dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate is the most renowned and commercially sold kind of chocolate in the United States and even in the whole world. It only contains 10 per cent of chocolate liquor. This entirety of the chocolate is also composed od 12 percent solid milk, cocoa butter, sweeteners, and other additional flavors.

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