Are Chocolates Good for your Health?

There are numerous claims about chocolates. Some say that it’s good for your health while others claim that it’s not the very best choice if you want to stay healthy and fit. Others would say that chocolates are aphrodisiac as its ingredients have substances that can release certain hormones from the body to make you feel light, relieved, and happy. In other words, chocolates set your mood. But are these claims true? What do nutritionists and health experts say about these dark temptations?

Basically, there are two types of chocolates, one is dark and the other one is white or milk chocolate. In this issue, we will tackle more about dark chocolates since this is the most common type of chocolate in the market. I bet at this point, you are now drooling over the thought of Kisses, Godiva, Ferrero, Belgium’s Trader Joes, Pure Dark from Slab, Lindt, and so many others. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. See, even the thought of chocolates alone can send you to a calm mode, right?

First of all, dark chocolates are enriched with flavonoids. These are compounds found in cocoa, which is the main ingredient of every dark chocolate in the market. Although white chocolates also contain flavonoids, its percentage is not as high as that found in dark choices due to the processes that it went through before becoming white. Flavonoids are renowned for its antioxidant benefits to the body. These are essential in keeping the body at bay from free radicals brought about by smoking and alcohol drinking. These free radicals are also found in a dirty environment, and can cause premature aging of skin and body pains. However, regular consumption of dark chocolates can help lower your chances of acquiring large amounts of free radicals in the body as it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body. Studies also show that it lessens the chances of blood clotting and the tendency of acquiring cardiovascular issues. Although it does not necessarily show that it can really lower the risk of acquiring heart diseases, flavonoids may certainly pave the way to healthier blood flow in the body.

Dark chocolates have the capability to promote a state of attentiveness and well-being because of its caffeine, phenyethylamine, endorphins, and tyramine contents. The same alertness that you experience when drinking coffee regularly is also the same alertness that you experience from consuming chocolates at small contents. Meanwhile, endorphins help alleviate pain and promote a sense of happiness, which makes dark chocolates an aphrodisiac.

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